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Sidney Henry Barker with wife Emily

Sidney BarkerSidney and Emily Barker
Born:- 1st quarter 1889 - Custom House, West Ham 4a/203
Died:- 16 October 1954 - Harrow 5f/357
Occupation:- Customs Officer

Married (1)
Emily Charlotte White (cousin)
1st quarter 1916 - West Ham 4a/316
Born:- 1st quarter 1887 - Braintree 4a/595
Died:- 4th quarter 1950 - Harrow 5f/412

Married (2)
Amy Heath (cousin)
1st quarter 1952 - Harrow 5f/1143
Born:- 2nd quarter 1887 - Poplar 1c/646

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