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George Hotten

Born:- 1839 - Stepney, London
Died:- 14 December 1878 - Poplar 1c/459
Occupation:- Model Maker/Pattern Maker

Sarah Esther Williams
10 August 1862 - Parish of St. George in the East 1c/868
Witnesses : Thomas Joseph Williams and Mary Ann Hotten
Bride’s father, groom’s mother respectively
Born:- 1840 - London
Died:- 3rd quarter 1917 - Bethnal Green 1c/135
Occupation:- Mangler (1881)
Daniel Trigg
Daniel Trigg
2nd quarter 1887 - West Ham 4a/105
Born:- 4th quarter 1839 - Stepney 2/389
Died:- 4th quarter 1916 - West Ham 4a/88
Occupation:- Mathematical instrument maker (1871)
Ship’s brass finisher (1881)

Thomas Joseph Williams married Mary Ann Hotten at the same time as his daughter married her brother George Hotten. Details above.

Children of George and Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah
George Thomas
Child born to Sarah during widowhood
Amy Louise

1851 - 18 Harding Street in the parish of Saint George in the East, Middlesex. Sarah Esther Williams with her father Thomas and mother Ruth.
1861 until 1862 - 18 Harding Street. Thomas Joseph Williams was a widower living with his daughters Sarah, aged 20, Lydia aged 11 and son George aged 17.
1871 - 47 Woodstock Road, Plaistow. The on-line census summary at ancestry.co.uk shows the name as Holten although it is clearly Hotten on the original record.
It confirms Elizabeth as being the oldest child, not George as recorded on Elizabeth Audrey Hotten’s 1981 list.
1878 - (At George’s death) the family was living at 5 Wyris Street, Bromley-by-Bow, London.
1881/1882 - Sarah and her children George, Ruth, Harry and Frederic - 26 Glencoe Street, Tower Hamlets next door to her future husband Daniel Trigg.
1911 - 70 West Road, West Ham with husband Daniel, eldest daughter Elizabeth and granddaughter Ruth Priest.

Incomplete diagram of the family tree from this point.
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