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William Camden Hotten

William Camden Hotten
Born:- 15 September 1874 - Adelaide, South Australia
Died:- 18 June 1926 - Borneo
Occupation:- Maths teacher
Source : The Adelaide Advertiser, news report 23 January 1903
Supervising engineer, Eastern Traders’ Company, Borneo
Town councillor

Olive Ethel Plumstead
30 April 1910 - Kent Town, Norwood, South Australia
Born:- 3 January 1882 - Glenelg, S. Australia
Daughter of Edwin Henry Plumstead, born 1857, S. Australia
and Susannah Trescowthick, born 5 July 1858, S. Australia

Died:- 25 September 1954 - Adelaide, South Australia

Ronald Camden
Lorna Marion
Roma Olive
Douglas Ernest

Extract from the Adelaide Advertiser, 1st September 1925

As he has received an appointment in British North Borneo, Mr. W. Hotten, a draftsman on the staff of the South Australian Harbors Board, and a member of the Tod River Board of Enquiry, will sail for that country next Tuesday. Mr. Hotten’s immediate future will be connected with the Eastern Traders’ Company, for whom he will be engineering supervisor and adviser on future operations. This company is a newly-formed Australian venture and it has been granted valuable timber concessions, which comprise an area greater in extent than that of Victoria, in Borneo and the Island of Natuna. The Eastern Traders’ Company intend to export their timber to Australia, and to arrange for reciprocal trade, to provide cargoes for the timber vessels on their return to Borneo. Branches of the company are being established in all States.