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James Hotten

James and Mary
Born:- 16 January 1849 - Probus, Cornwall
Baptised:- 3 May 1849 - Probus Wesleyan Church
Died:- 18 November 1889 - Esk, Queensland, Australia (after a fall from a horse 15 days earlier)
Buried:- 19 November 1889 - Esk Cemetery
Occupation:- Railway lengthman (Australia)

Mary Jane Heard
1st quarter 1886 - Truro 5c/213
Born:- 15 July 1865 - Probus
Emigrated:- 1886 - S.S. Duke of Argyle
Died:- 8 April 1930
Buried:- 10 April 1930 - Balmoral Cemetery, Brisbane
Mary’s parents emigrated from Cornwall to be with her after James Hotten’s death. Mary subsequently married John Yeo in 1897 and had four more children. One was Ivy Yeo.
Source : Martyn Yeo

Esther Mary Jane
Maria Elizabeth
Grace Jane

The information from this point onwards comes from the family records of the descendants of James Hotten and used with their permission.