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Wallace Morrison Pollard

Born:- 11 February 1922 - Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Died:- 9 July 1992
Served as U.S.A.F. pilot during WWII

Dawn Lorraine FoxDawn Lorraine FoxDawn Lorraine Fox
Dawn Lorraine Fox
Born:- 1 January 1924
Died:- 18 November 1998
Daughter of Robert Fox and Nellie Mohler
Dawn married Charles Johnson Langfitt in 1970.
Born 26 February 1924. Died 6 September 2000.

Occupation:- Registered nurse during WWII and following years
Airtime sales person at KCBN Radio
Licensed real estate broker
Langfitt Photograph Album

Debra Sue
Cheryl Anne
David Fox
Bruce Donovan

Pollard Photograph Album

The information and photographs from this point onwards were supplied by Bruce Pollard.
Dawn was so named because of her birth just an hour or two into the New Year.