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Royal Artillery - Bordon

Frederick Hotten’s Postcard Collection

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Police at Bordon

Bordon Camp.

R.A. Barracks

Royal Artillery Barracks Bordon.

Bordon Camp

Bordon Camp.

Bordon Camp

Bordon Camp, Station Road.

Post Office

Post Office, Bordon Camp.

The Mess

Officer’s Mess, “The Queens”.


Royal Artillery Stables, Bordon Camp.

Time Gun

Bordon Camp, General View & Time Gun.


Photo not positively identified but Frederick looks older than in the training pictures and he wears a stripe, and it is not in France (it says Post Card on the reverse rather than Carte Postâle). All suggesting that it was taken at the end of his army career which is known to have been at Bordon.

Unidentified Borden

There is no positive indication that this picture was taken in Bordon but it is in the style of the other Bordon street scenes.

Percy Hulme on horse

Brother-in-Law Percy Hulme. Location unknown.

Fred on horse

Frederick Hotten. The photographer was from Bordon. The message indicates that Frederick was sending his brother Harry a picture of himself, but Harry was killed in 1915. The rider isn’t wearing a stripe. All of this suggests that whilst the photograph may have been taken in Bordon it is was not taken post-war as are the remainder at the foot of this page.

Gun crew

Frederick seated on right.

Air ship

No information available.

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