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Harry Christian Hotten - Photograph Album

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Fenton Ladock Farm
Harry and wife Annie in the garden with children Catherine Bone, John Christian, Robert Henry, Lydia Gregson and Mary Agnes.
Family group
Robert, Harry Christian, John, Lydia, Mary, Annie and Catherine.
Pony and trap
Harry’s wife in the trap.
Harry and Mary - 3rd September 1918.
School transport
Robert and his sisters going to school - 1907.
Harry and Mary Robert and JohnCatherine, Mary and Lydia
Left : Harry and Mary. Centre : Robert Henry and John Christian. Right : Catherine, Mary and Lydia.
HarryFamily group
Left : 24 January 1947.
Right : 5 October 1947.
Catherine Bone Hotten, Lydia Gregson Hotten, Margery Evelyn Hotten, Harry himself with walking stick and at the rear, Sophia Evelyn Pengelly and John Christian Hotten.
3rd September 1918. Left to right : Mary Agnes Hotten, Lydia Gregson Hotten, Catherine Bone Hotten and Edna Anstey.
Harry and Daughters
Mary, Lydia, Harry Christian and Edna Anstey.