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Lilian Maud Hotten - Photograph Album

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Family group
Lilian with parents and siblings.
Harry Walter, William Henry (father), Raymond Phineas, Amelia, Lilian Maud.
Alicia Rose, Emma (mother) and Alfred Phillimore.
ChildrenFamily group
Left : Violet Lilian, Alfred Henry, Ivy Vera and William Leonard Waters.
Right : Back : William Leonard, William (husband), Lillian Maud, Eustace Stanley, Ivy Vera and Alfred Henry.
Front : Violet Lilian, unidentified family friend, Raymond Harry, Alecia Ada and Evelyn Maud.
Family groupWilliam Hotten
Left : Violet Lilian, William Leonard, Raymond Harry, Ivy Vera, Alfred Henry, Evelyn Maud, Eustace Stanley and Alecia Ada - circa 1960.
Right :
William Henry Hotten, aged 87, on his way to take a swim in Torquay, England - 1932.

All photographs named left to right.