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Hotten Family - Shoreditch Branch

Church Records, 1858-1894

This list was extracted from one of Shoreditch Churches’ web pages in August 2006. The source page is no longer available.

Baptism Records at St. Dunstan’s, Stepney

John and Sarah Anne Hotten

Catherine Elizabeth John
Baptised:- 5 September 1858

Baptism Records at St. John the Baptist, Shoreditch

John (Labourer) and Sarah Ann Hotten of Walbrook Buildings

Four Children
James Austin
Born:- 31 March 1860
Baptised:- 1 August 1866
Sarah Alice
Born:- April 1862
Baptised:- 1 August 1866
George Joseph
Born:- 28 March 1864
Baptised:- 1 August 1866
Born:- 24 March 1865
Baptised:- 1 August 1866

George Joseph (Sorter) and Nellie Hotten of 22 Myrtle Street

1st Child
George John
Born:- 6 January 1887
Baptised:- 30 January 1887

George Joseph (Parcel Sorter) and Nellie Hotten of 9 Aske Street

2nd Child
William Henry
Born:- 13 November 1888
Baptised:- 2 December 1888

William Henry (Letter Carrier) and Angelina Hotten of 81 Crondall Street

1st Child
William Henry
Born:- 25 August 1890
Baptised:- 21 September 1890

William Henry (Sorter) and Angelina Hotten of 17 Turner’s Square

2nd Child
Beatrice Angelina
Born:- 9 January 1892
Baptised:- 31 January 1892

William Henry (Letter Sorter) and Angelina Hotten of 13 Parr Street

3rd Child
John Albert
Born:- 4 December 1893
Baptised:- 14 January 1894

James Austin (Postman) and Marion Louise Hotten of 41 Weymouth Terrace

Albert Austin
Born:- 26 January 1894
Baptised:- 18 February 1894

Baptism Records at St. Leonard’s, Shoreditch

George Joseph (Coal porter) and Nellie Hotten of 10 Wilks Place, Hoxton

3rd Child
Emma Louise
Baptised:- 10 December 1893

St. Catherine’s House Records of this family branch