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Margaret Burdon

Born:- 19 November 1862 - Bridlington Quay
Died:- 28 January 1946 - Bridge Street, Kineton, Warwickshire - Stratford 6d/1181

Joseph Fisher
3rd quarter 1886 - Walsall 6b/792
Born:- about 1851
Occupation:- Draper (1901)

Mabel Burdon
Lilian Hotten
Reginald William
Dorothy Marguerite
Archibald Rooke
Joseph Bernard
John Burdon

1901 - 5 Tyler Street, Stratford-on-Avon

Joseph had been married before, to Mary Ann Stringer and had five children by that marriage. One, Winifred Ethel, was living with his second family in 1901.

Source : Many of the dates from this point onwards are from David Fisher, Margaret’s grandson.