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Elizabeth Hotten

Born:- about 1806 - Probus, Cornwall
Baptised:- 28 November 1806 - Probus
Died:- 2nd quarter 1869 - Truro 5c/109
Occupation:- School mistress - Probus

Nicholas Gerrans
Son of Thomas Gerrans
16th November 1852 - Truro 5c/317
Source of date : West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, Friday 26th November 1852
Born:- about 1805 - Probus
Occupation:- Butcher (1861)
Died:- 1st quarter 1879 - Truro 5c/113

This was Nicholas Gerrans’ second marriage.
First wife, Ruth Hugo, only daughter of William Hugo, married 18 April 1837 - Cuby with Tregony, Cornwall.
Died:- 4th quarter 1851 - Truro 9/259.

Nicholas married Martha Hotten after Elizabeth’s death

Children of Nicholas and Ruth
Richard Hugo

1871 - Nicholas Gerrans (senior) with his niece Julia Whitford as housekeeper - Probus.