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Barbara Thomson


Find Barbara in the family tree

I don’t remember very much about Barbara Thomson but a photograph of Rosemary and me standing with her on the porch at 67 Twelve Acre Crescent and endorsed by my mother, ‘Grandad Hotten’s aunt’, ensured she wasn’t totally forgotten. Some investigations revealed that she was Grandad’s mother’s youngest sister.

I have only one other memory of Barbara Thomson and that is of being taken by my mother (as far as I can remember it was just the two of us) to her home in Paddington. It was a small flat over a shop in Praed Street and very sparsely furnished with dark wood furniture. There was an aspidistra plant in a pot by the window and I sat alongside it, bored as can be watching the traffic go by in the street below, wondering if I would be allowed a visit to nearby Paddington railway terminus and thinking how stupid it was of Gracie Fields to sing a song about such a dull and lifeless looking pot plant.

Oh; and I did get taken into Paddington station to look at the railway engines.

Information provided by Malcolm Knight.