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Violet Elsie Townsend

Born:- 14 April 1911 - West Ham 4a/23
Died:- 4 May 1976 - Modbury, South Australia

Married (1)
Walter A. C. Bratton
3rd quarter 1936 - St. Peter’s Church, Upton Lane, Forest Gate - West Ham 4a/220
Born:- 1st quarter 1911 - Lambeth 1d/351
Died:- 3rd quarter 1939 (tuberculosis) - East Ham 4a/129

Married (2)
Edgar Walter Green
11 October 1941 - St. Cuthbert’s Church, Billingham, Durham S.E. 10a/145
Born:- 7 February 1912 - Willington, Durham 10a/862
Mother’s maiden name ‘Langley’
Died:- 15 March 1988 - Modbury, South Australia
Occupation:- Blacksmith and Tool Maker

Trevor John Langley
Melvyn James

The Green family emigrated to Australia in 1955 sailing from Southampton on the S.S. New Australia on 19 January and arriving one month later on 20 February.