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John Trevillion


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Grandpa was the first mining engineer to be sent from Wales to Wellington Mines, now Bruce Mines. Grandma (Elizabeth Dingle) was 17 but she came with him. She waved to her mother till the boat went out of sight. She never seen her again. Men from Finland were helpers. Grandma was tall and big boned. When I saw her, she lived alone in a little brick house her son George built. But Grandpa and Grandma first lived in a log house, one room, it had an upstairs. They bought two cows, and Grandma milked them. Also she helped the doctor with births, would take her baby with her and maybe bedding and food with her little ones home with Grandpa. These surprises generally come at night. Every Saturday night Grandpa and her would visit every home to see if people were alright and not hungry. She made bread and butter. Grandpa passed away the day I was born (26 December 1893) at 65 of copper fever.

Notes by Jane Ottewell Smith of Edmonton, Alberta written (estimated) mid 1970s.