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Birthday Calendar

This site generally uses birth names for identification, however this page uses current or commonly known names. Also, since it is intended to be a list of useful birth dates, rather than a list of family birth dates, some names are not strictly family at all!
Positive identification may require use of the link from name to family tree entry. Password required in most cases.
2nd January - Paul
10th January - Christine
21st January - Freya
2nd February - Pauline
3rd February - Doris
7th February - Kirsteen
11th March - Rosemary
1st April - Carol
21st April - Grace
30th April - Joshua
10th May - Iain
16th May - Alison
16th May - Fayme
21st May - Christopher
26th May - Sue
1st June - Andrew
9th June - Olive
29th June - Charles
7th July - Dorothy
16th July - Sarah
10th August - Tony
23rd August - Lily
9th September - Marianne
20th September - Malcolm
27th September - Rachel
3rd October - David
8th October - Victoria
2nd November - Geoffrey
12th November - Anne
30th November - Ian
12th December - Alastair