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Frederick James Hotten

His Last letter

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Mr & Mrs L.R. Knight
37 Aldershot Road

Dear Vera & Les, In answer to your letter received Wednesday, glad to know you are all alright and getting the garden done, there will be nothing for me to do when I come down as I can see. Yes I have been busy up here, and it seems I am not so good this year, not up till now at any rate, I hardly know how to walk home but as you say it is nearly all done, the first lot of peas are well up, also the broad beans, various lots of cabbage plants are up also. Last week I had three lorry load of sludge, one on each plot and that is hard work spreading it all over. I have put a ½ cwt. of potatoes in and now only have the beetroot and runners to put in so I haven’t done so bad, but I have to keep sitting down, and

having a blow. I still walk to the Green Man every morning and back, the roundabout is beginning to take shape up there, it’s very interesting to see the progress from day to day. I have been going to Harry’s nearly every weekend lately and I am expecting him this morning, he starts a week’s holiday today. I have been staying till the Tuesday evening, but not now as I have finished all the rugs, that makes 9 I have done since Malcolm’s and I have a box full of wool left so I have enough for another one. Also I have a rug belonging to Marianne half done to do, so that is just a stand-by. I will soon be in my little room now I reckon. Win & Ken are sleeping downstairs the two girls are in the front bedroom and the little room is empty. Ken has done the ceiling with those new sort of tiles, and they look nice too. So we only have to paint it and put the paper on so I may be in there by next week. Harry has just arrived and I must get a move on. Win & Ken and the girls are alright, as for coming down to see you

thanks for the offer, but I had better wait a bit until I get finished over the allotment and get fixed up in the other room. I am now at Harry’s to finish your letter. Haven’t we had some cold winds this last week, it’s got hold of my neck, all the left side of my face, ear and gums ache like anything and down in my throat couldn’t sleep for it last night. Well I don’t think there is any more to tell you at the moment. Only Marianne is home and seems alright now. Haven’t heard anything from Ann lately, I must write.

So Cheerio, all the best love to all,