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The Hotten family tree - HTML Chart

The chart file
The Hotten family tree chart that has been selected is a very large file, currently about 2·24 megabytes with links to 4,959 individuals. On a broadband connection it will take between one and ten seconds to download and on a modern PC the web browser may take a further 15 seconds to interpret and display it. On a dial up connection it could take more than ten minutes. This page is therefore provided as a ‘pause’ to allow selection of the family tree chart to be reconsidered as once the selection is made it cannot easily be aborted.

Internet Explorer 8 seems to have difficulty loading the file on machines with less than 2GB of memory (RAM ). The Firefox and Google Chrome browsers appear to be more reliable.

Browser settings
If a browser is set to get a new copy on every visit to a page the download delay will be repeated whenever the family tree chart is reselected. The delay may be reduced by changing the browser behaviour to avoid that. In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Settings and select ‘Auto’. The page will still take some time to appear because the browser has to spend time redisplaying the image. Other browsers have similar options.

Chart settings
The family tree chart may be too wide the screen but some size adjustment is possible once it has appeared for the first time. The display choice is saved for further visits and changing the display options does not cause the page to be downloaded again, any delay is due to the browser reformatting the page.

This warning message
To continue with selection of the Hotten family tree chart, click the most appropriate of the buttons below. The ‘Suppress’ option may be reversed from the chart itself and because the appearance of this warning is dependent on a cookie stored on your computer this page will reappear if cookies are cleared. The cookie will in any case expire 60 days after the ‘Suppress’ button is last used. The content of the cookie is restricted to the words “Chart warning:miss next time”, the domain name and the 60 day expiry date.

Slightly technical stuff
Exiting this page other than via the ‘Suppress’ button below (e.g. by use of the browser’s Back button or the Site Map link) will not deactivate this page.

Because both ‘Proceed’ buttons fetch the family tree chart via an intermediate page which exists solely to display a ‘Loading’ message while the chart loads, the chart’s Back button will return to the ‘Loading’ message and inevitably redisplay the chart which is not very helpful. However no satisfactory way exists to allow a browser’s Back button to be disabled.

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Suppress this page in future
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