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John James Stanaway


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John Stanaway was sentenced on 9 September 1830 at Kent Quarter Sessions, at the age of only 17, to seven years for housebreaking and stealing a pair of trousers. He was held on a ‘hulk’ before deportation. He was there described as…

Name Stanaway   PetitionBy July 1856 John Stanaway was Harbour Master and Chief Pilot at Kaipara on a salary of £130 p.a. but he was evidently demoted to Assistant Pilot following an incident in 1864.
Trade Masterman
Height (without shoes) 5' 7"
Complexion Fair
Head Small
Hair Reddish brown
Whiskers None
Visage Long narrow
Forehead Perpendicular
Eyebrows Reddish
Eyes Grey
Nose Sharp
Mouth Small
Chin Long
Remarks Thickly pock pitted

He was transported on the ship ‘Enchantress’ and arrived in New Zealand on 31 July 1833. His conduct while serving his sentence was reported as…

7 March 1834 :- Boats crew - Misconduct
24 March 1834 :- Watchman - Neglect of duty
6 April 1835 :- Marine department - In a Public House on a Sunday
15 March 1836 :- Marine department - Drunk, admonished

All notes above extracted from a letter sent by Margaret Whale (great great granddaughter of John Stanaway) to Elizabeth Audrey Hotten in 1983.

John Stanaway was no stranger to controversy and was a well known figure in Kaipara. He was mentioned in newspapers several times.
In 1985 his surviving descendants arranged a reunion which was recorded in the local newspaper.