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John James Stanaway

Capt. Stanaway
Born:- 16 July 1813 - Camberwell
The parish records transcribed by the Cornish Family History Society show John Stanaway, son of James Stanaway and Eleanor baptised in the Cornish village of Probus on 12 July 1814. The birth in Camberwell is taken from the Stanaway family records supported by a hand written note which bears no official markings and contains further birth information extending through to the 1870s. It does not appear to be a contemporaneous document.
Died:- 17 August 1874 - Tokatoka, Auckland, New Zealand
Cause - enteritis
Buried:- 20 August 1874 - Tokatoka
Occupation:- Assistant Pilot, Port of Kaipara, New Zealand
Appointed Harbour Master and Chief Pilot, Port of Kaipara (July 1856)

Details of John Stanaway’s colourful life are recorded in a number of places some of which is conflicting. That recorded here is a small extract from the records of his descendants, in particular that published by Mervyn and Alexandria Marriner in 1985 following 30 years of research.

Married (1)
Died on the voyage from England between Sydney and New Zealand after the birth of her child.

Mary Ann

Married (2)
Witaperene Minarapa
About 1842 - Auckland
Daughter of Mohi te Hokaanga & Harihura and known as Black Ann
Born:- about 1821

William Henry
Ngaere Minarapa Tika

Married (3)
Henipapa Te Hokaanga Minarapa
About 1844 - Gisborne, Auckland
Daughter of Mohi te Hokaanga & Harihura
Born:- About 1823

Irahapeti Rihi
Ihapere Isabella
Kataraina Katherine
Henare Joseph
Ngatai Hemi

Married (4)
Early 1850s - England


Captain Stanaway had been in England again from 1852 to 1856 where he married and had two sons. When John Stanaway returned to New Zealand he left his family behind.

Married (5)

Sarah Ann Clark
9 June 1861

Sarah Annie
Charles George
Phoebe Maria
Helen Lena
John James