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Friends and Neighbours

The move from Twelve Acre Crescent to Johnson Way took place on 10th November 1958.
The dates on the photographs and the decor reveal that old friends made one or more trips to the new address.
Rosemary KnightAnne PickeringMargaret Reid
August 1958 - August 1959 - August 1958.
Rosemary Knight, Anne Pickering and Margaret Reid playing cards. The larger view of Margaret includes an additional image.
Anne became a nurse, the Reid family emigrated to America circa 1960.
There are more pictures of Anne and Margaret on the
Coronation party pages.
Margaret ReidMargaret and AnneRosemary, Margaret and Anne
August 1959.
Margaret, Anne and Rosemary examine the photograph album. The photograph on show in the album is
Marion MackMarion MackHonora Mack
December 1959.
Marion Mack and her sister Honora. See also the
Mack section of this site. The larger view of Honora includes an image from 1958.
Ian HockneyIan Hockney with catSnowy the cat
Ian Hockney and his cat. Snowy was a kitten of the Knight’s cat Fluff which originally came from Frederick Hotten’s railway yard.
The photograph on the right is mainly included to settle discussions on whether the houses at Twelve Acre Crescent had any form of central heating. If one radiator fed by a coke boiler in the kitchen is central heating, then the answer appears to be ‘Yes’.
The three pictures above were all taken in the Hockney’s house in December 1959. However whether it is 65 Twelve Acre Crescent or their later address in Broomhill Road is unknown.
Mrs. HockneyMrs. ByrneMrs. Pawsey
December 1959 - December 1958 - March 1960.
Ian Hockney’s step-mother Marjorie on a visit to
Johnson Way. Several return visits were made to the Hockneys who moved from Twelve Acre to Broomhill Road at about the time the Knights moved out. Ian and his brother Geoffrey may also be seen in these older pictures.
Mrs. Byrne from No. 69 after the Macks moved out and Mrs. Pawsey and daughter from Johnson Way.
Lindsey PrattAlan Parkes
May 1959 - December 1958.
Lindsey Pratt whose father worked with
Leslie Knight. He was the workshop foreman and worked with Leslie at Frank Whittle’s Power Jets works at Whetstone, Leicestershire and later in the ‘Air House’ at Pyestock. Lindsey’s father died in 1996.
On the right, Alan Parkes who lived in nearby Rafborough and shared with
Malcolm a common interest in photography. A copy of ‘Amateur Photographer’ rests on his knee.
Ena HitchingsNick Hitchings and Vera Knight
Mr. & Mrs. Hitchings were originally from Ilford but had moved to Fleet in the late 1950s. Ena met Vera Knight through the Mother’s Union and Nick was an engineer. They were frequent visitors and went on several holidays with Vera and Les.