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Various family names feature particularly strongly within the Hotten tree. Several of them are provided with independent family tree structures, but where this is not the case the point at which they linked is indexed below. The list of names is currently somewhat arbitrary. Users may request inclusion of a name here via the link on the Home page.
Grieve - Philip Andrew Grieve married Grace Hotten, 1793
Hocking - Nicholas Hocking married Grace Hotten, 1757
Huddy - William Job Huddy married Mary Hotten, 1787
Huddy - James Huddy married Honor Hotten, 1813
Stanaway - William Stanaway married Thamisan Hotten, 1733
Trethewy - Henry Trethewy married Grace Hotten, 1780
Waters - William Waters married Lilian Maud Hotten, 1898