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This website is structured downwards from the birth of Hugh Hotten in 1654 but the spouses of some Hotten descendants are given their own pages and where this is so their ‘Source Page’ link will go back through their own family tree. To make these spouses’ trees easier to find, all available family trees are listed below. The descriptions are not comprehensive, some families linked by more than one marriage. All trees progress to the present day but the original name is lost where indicated below. Family names with strong links to the Hottens for which no separate tree exists are separately indexed.
Barker - From Jacob (circa 1700) until the death of Walter Meadows Barker in 1958 Diagram of Family Tree
Brewer - From Thomas (1784) including several marriages to Hottens  
Cole - From Ada (1869) until marriage to James Townsend in 1888  
Coleman - From John (1824) to the present day Diagram of Family Tree
Dreese - From Samuel (1825) to the present day Diagram of Family Tree
Griffiths - From James (1821) until marriage to Henry Coleman circa 1902  
Heath - From James (1822) until marriage to John Meadows in 1855 Diagram of Family Tree
Hotten - From Hugh (1654) to the present day Diagram of Family Tree
Hulme - From John (circa 1765) until marriage to Frederick Hotten in 1919 Diagram of Family Tree
Jewell - From George (1813) until marriage to Olive Gladys Hotten in 1934  
Knight - From Monsell (1901) to the present day Diagram of Family Tree
McGregor - From Donald to the present day  
Meadows - From Samuel (1805) until marriage to Walter Barker in 1888  
Moore - From William (1805) until marriage to Hugh Hotten in 1835
Phillimore - From Richard (c1770) including marriages to William H. Hotten in 1871 and Walter H. Hotten in 1912
Pollard - From William until marriage to Myrtle Theodora Morrison in 1920
Reibnitz - From Gottfried (c. 1720) via marriage to Helen Williams, daughter of Roma Hotten, in 1979 to the present day  
Sandford - From Joseph (1830) until marriage to Harry Hotten in 1945 Diagram of Family Tree
Say - From Charles (1839) until marriage to Alfred Phillimore Hotten in 1909
Sullivan - From Michael (1807) and marriage to Jane Hotten in 1846  
Thomson - From James (1833) until marriage to George Hotten in 1897  
Townsend - From James (1847) until marriage to Richard Sandford in the 1920s  
Trevillion - From Thomas (circa 1790) until Jane’s marriage to John Hotten in 1834  
Trigg - From Daniel (1839) until William’s marriage to Sarah E. Hotten in 1887 to present day via emigration to Australia  
Waters - From Thomas (circa 1812) until marriage to Lilian Maud Hotten in 1898  
White - of Braintree, from Charles (1855) until marriage to Sidney Barker in 1916  
White - of Woburn, from James (1806) until marriage to Ann Meadows in 1859  
Williams - From Thomas Joseph (1815) until marriage to Mary Hotten in 1862