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Related Families

Index of families and their relationship to Frederick Hotten and Walter Barker

Barker - Gladys married Alfred Knight, whose son Leslie married Vera Hotten, daughter of Frederick
Cole - Ada married James Townsend whose daughter Emily married Richard Sandford and following his death, Frederick Hotten
Coleman - Kenneth married Winifred Hotten, daughter of Frederick
Heath - Sarah married John Meadows whose daughter Emily married Walter Barker. Sarah’s great niece, Amy Heath, married Walter’s son Sidney
Hotten - Vera Hotten, daughter of Frederick married Leslie Knight, Walter Barker’s grandson
Hulme - Grace married Frederick Hotten
Knight - Leslie married Vera Hotten, daughter of Frederick
McGregor - Anne married Malcolm Knight, grandson of Frederick Hotten and son of Leslie Knight and Vera Hotten
Meadows - Emily, daughter of Sarah Heath and John Meadows, married Walter Barker
Sandford - Doris, daughter of Richard Sandford and Emily Townsend, married Harry Hotten, son of Frederick
Thomson - Sarah married George Hotten, father of Frederick
Townsend - Emily, mother of Doris Sandford married Frederick Hotten, her daughter’s father-in-law
White (of Braintree) - Charles married Charlotte Barker, sister of Walter. Emily White their daughter married Walter’s son Sidney
White (of Woburn) - James married widow Anne Meadows whose son John was father of Walter Barker’s wife Emily

This list is limited to relationships made since the births of Frederick Hotten and Walter Barker.