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N.G.T.E. Pyestock

The site and engine testing

These photographs were published for recruitment purposes. The printer’s code number suggests 1954.
The establishment director at the time was R.H. Weir, C.B.
The FairwayThe cooling tower
Pyestock was built like a small new town with wide roads and trees. The road shown here was called ‘The Fairway’.
Cell 3Steam turbine
Left : The control centre in the foreground, the air house to the left, cell 3 centre and an air heater on the right.
Right:- A 14,000 horse power steam turbine driving an air compressor.
Control roomCompressor
Left : The cell 1 and 2 control room supervises the test of a ram jet. Closed circuit television is used to enable the position of the shock waves in the supersonic intake to be studied. The man at the main desk looks remarkably like Eric Lewis who took a leading role in developing the first ‘three spool’ jet engine.
Right : Turbine blade research takes place on a low speed air compressor.
Smoke test
Research into exhaust smoke from jet engines.