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N.G.T.E. Pyestock

The National Gas Turbine Establishment

When descriptions of diagrams and photographs are within double quotation marks they are reproduced as in the original documentation.
Photographs from 1952 - Testing prior to the ‘Air House’
Extracts from a recruitment booklet, 1954 - General views and testing procedures
The “Simulated-flight engine-test facility” - The Air House. Photographs and descriptions of the engine test facilities
H.M.S.O. Report - A report on rotor blades from 1956, by Leslie Knight and Ian Johnston, 819KB PDF file (Opens in new window)
V.T.O.L. - Report and Photographs
Concorde engine development - Recollections
Working at Pyestock - Recollections
Powerjets Ltd. - Photographs and reports
Organisation of the Manufacturing Department - Staff names and responsibilities, May 1964
Contra-Rotating Gas Turbine - Sketch from 1973
Concorde in flight - Photographs from 1982

This website is not primarily a history of the N.G.T.E. and this section of it is a record of just one employee’s career there. As such, only a small, albeit important, part of gas turbine research is documented in these pages.
For a more wide-ranging description of the whole of N.G.T.E. and one that continues beyond 1965, visit - www.ngte.co.uk.